Reading Action

We’ve dedicated many blog posts to WRITING action.  See these posts: Writing Fight Scenes pt 1, Martial Arts and the Perfection of One’s Character, Writing The Fight Scene, Add PUNCH to Your Action Scenes, Get a KICK Out of Your Fight Scenes and A Recipe for Action by Caridad Pineiro

This week, Attacking the Page wants to discuss READING action.

You tell us…What are your favorite action-packed books?  Do you have a favorite fight or action scene?  What made them memorable?

Please share and discuss your favorite action scenes and books that you’ve read or written (a chance for self promotion!) in the comments section.


~KM Fawcett

6 responses to “Reading Action

  1. I happen to be reading Book of Lies by Brad Meltzer. Talk about a fast paced thriller! Something happens on every page and it’s always the opposite of what the character expects. That’s one of the best techniques a writer can include to create conflict and tension on the page. All that adds up to great action!!!!

  2. Pick a J.D. Robb book, any J.D. Robb book and I loved it. They are fill with action and excitement and some really cool futuristic gadgets that so need to be invented. It’s also an amazing cast of characters that I enjoy visiting with time and again.

  3. Definitely J.D. Robb also. There are great fight/chase scenes as well as tension that keeps you turning the pages. As for how to keep readers turning the pages if you’re writing, I firmly believe in “little cliffhangers”. For example, end the scene as the kick is about to connect with someone’s head, but don’t make impact. Force the reader to turn the page to find out if the kick lands and what happens next.

  4. I love JR Ward’s Brotherhood series. Ultra-hot heroes that can kick serious butt!

  5. Thanks for your input, ladies. So it sounds like being unpredictable, using cliff hangers, and having an amazing cast of characters who can kick butt makes for good action.

    Anything else?

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