Travel Safety pt 3

When traveling, particularly to large cities, at some point you’ll probably use a taxi or a shuttle to get you where you’re going. Here are just a few tips to consider when hailing a cab.

  • The buddy system is your friend. Try to avoid hailing/riding in a taxi when you are alone. When ever possible travel with a friends or relative.
  • Make arrangements in advance. Call a cab company and schedule a pick up. When the taxi arrives verify with the driver who they are there to pick up and ensure that he/she are from the taxi company that you called.
  • Being friendly and sharing a little light conversation with the driver is fine, but keep personal information to yourself. Don’t give out too much information about your plans or yourself.
  • Upon arriving ask the driver to wait for you to enter your destination if possible.
  • If you are uncomfortable or feel threatened have the driver let you out of the cab in a busy, familiar or popular place.
  • As always  Trust Your Instincts!

2 responses to “Travel Safety pt 3

  1. These tips are great. I have never ridden in a Taxi, but I will keep them in mind the next time I travel. It’s not that I do not like them; where I live does not have them.

    Yet, I see commercials on television as well as shows and movies showing someone leaving a camera or important report or some other item in the cab and remember it as the cab drives off.

    I just wonder if it would be prudent that when using a taxi, do not pull out your phone or other items and work with them while in the taxi. If you put it down and then get distracted, you may leave that item behind. I know I have been distracted at a restaurant and forgot a camera or other items only to come back and get it minutes later. I would not have that option with a cab.

    Also, be mindful of what you carry into the cab. Check the seat and floorboard for items left behind.

    Do not allow yourself to be rushed. This can cause you to forget items.

    Always be aware of your surroundings before getting out of the taxi as well.

    Dennis Clarkston

  2. Thanks Dennis!

    You’re absolutely right you need to keep track of all of your belongings when in any type of public transportation. Once the cab/bus/train pulls off you can pretty much kiss any forgotten items goodbye. I’m sure there have been occasions when people have managed to retrieve forgotten belongings, but man what a hassle.

    Checking your surroundings before you get out of the cab is another great tip. If the location of you destination looks questionable to you don’t get out of the cab. Last thing you want to have happen is to get stuck in an unsavory area with no easy means of getting out or any place ‘safe’ to go.

    Thanks for stopping in and sharing your thoughts.


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