“Purse”onal Safety

Keep your purse and wallet safe from theft!

Courtesy of Flickr & Quilts With Love

Don’t leave your purse or wallet in your car, in your shopping cart or in your coat when using a coat check or a coat rack.  When trying on clothes or testing products, never leave or set down your purse. When dining, keep your purse on your lap or on the ground between your feet.

Avoid carrying large purses, as they are easier to snatch.

Avoid keeping your wallet in your back pocket, especially in crowds.

Keep your purse held tightly against your body with the flap facing toward you.  Keep it zipped closed.  If you can’t close your purse, it’s time to clean it out.

Carry as little cash as possible. If you must carry a large amount of money, be careful not to let others see it.

You may want to carry a diversionary money fold with several singles covered by one larger bill, such as a twenty.  If someone tries to rob you, throw your diversionary money in one direction and run the other way (toward people if possible).

Feel free to add your own “purse“onal safety tip in the comments section.

~KM Fawcett

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3 responses to ““Purse”onal Safety

  1. It’s true that you should not keep you wallet in your back pocket especially in crowds. What I usually do is stick it in one of my front pockets. Then I might hook two fingers in that pocket to help protect it.

    I would not recommend shoving the hand in the pocket though. If an occasion comes up and you need to defend yourself, you might not have time to yank that hand out of the pocket.

  2. More good advice as always. When we travel, I trade out my larger purse for a smaller one that I can wear across my body. It’s more comfortable, and harder to grab since it’s not just on my shoulder.

    I used to have a backpack purse–which was so comfortable–but I always felt like someone standing behind me could easily open it and take stuff without me knowing. (If they were good anyway.)

    Thanks for keeping us safe!

  3. Dennis, good advice about keeping your hands free in the event you need to use them.

    Gwen, The other thing I do when traveling is clean out the wallet or swap it for a smaller one and only take the credit cards I need. If it does get lost or stolen, I don’t have to replace everything. Those backpack purses do look comfortable, but I often thought the same thing. They appear to be easier to pickpocket.

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