Safety Tip of the Week: PLAN TO PARTY SAFE (Part 1)

When going out to a party, club or bar, make a plan and stick to it.  If for some reason things change during the night, have a back up plan.

PLAN A:  There is usually safety in numbers, so go with a group of friends you trust, stay together and leave together.  Don’t leave or let your girlfriends leave with a stranger.  Be sure you have a designated driver.  If you decide to stay out later, leave earlier or realize your designated driver has been drinking, go to PLAN B: call someone you trust to come get you or call a taxi.  Always take a charged cell phone with you and money for cab fare.

PLAN A: Don’t share personal information (phone numbers, business cards) with strangers.  If you really like the guy and want to talk again, go to PLAN B: Get his number instead.

PLAN A: Stay with friends and make sure they stay with you.  Don’t wander off alone even if you need to find a quiet place to make a phone call.  Buddy up when going to the restroom.  If you get separated from your friends and a stranger starts bothering you, go to PLAN B: find help from someone you trust or an employee at the bar.  If you can’t get away or he refuses to stop harassing you, implement PLAN C:


~KM Fawcett

5 responses to “Safety Tip of the Week: PLAN TO PARTY SAFE (Part 1)

  1. That was good advice; furthermore, remember. Don’t trust a guy because he’s good looking. Don’t forget. There are still a fair number of ‘Pretty Boy’ Floyds and ‘Baby Face’ Nelsons out there. Cordially, Bill Sharpe

  2. Good advice, KM and Bill. When I think back to the naive days of college and the stupid things we did, I shudder (I wasn’t much of a party girl, but still). I’m glad I never went to Tijuana with my roommate because her friends had a habit of leaving someone behind in Mexico to find her way home alone.

    Definitely not the kind of friends you need!

  3. You’re absolutely right, Bill. Attractive doesn’t necessarily equal trustworthy.

    I’ve had friends tell me stories that were hair raising about college parties. I was very fortunate. Where I went to school really tried to ingrain in all students to use the buddy system and common sense. In hind sight I can say that we really did do a pretty good job of looking out for each other when it came to partying. It was the midnight cross campus treks from the library that we weren’t always so smart about.

    Thanks for your comments!

  4. Back in the old days (shortly after college was held in caves and we painted on the walls) most of the time at mixers, the guys would get so drunk they needed somebody to clean them up after they disgraced themselves. A ploy to get some girl to leave the main party room with them.

    Gross and stupid of them, unless the girl was pretty drunk, too.

    If you think real hard about it, who wants to leave with some guy who just puked up all that free beer?

    It takes common sense and a whole lot of desire for self-preservation to survive. If you don’t get into a bad situation, you don’t have to worry about this kind of stuff. But the need to attract a guy sometimes overrules common sense.

    Very excellent post!

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