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It started as a spark of inspiration in the wake of what turned out to be a really cool workshop.  Two friends who share a common interest in martial arts came together to teach an eager, and surprisingly bloodthirsty, group of authors about using martial arts in their fight scenes.  It didn’t blossom into a full blown idea until a few weeks later on a long and rainy car ride home from the Liberty States Fiction Writers conference. How cool would it be to create a blog that meshed martial arts, women’s self defense and writing. Who better to take on such a project, then two women who are karate black belts and writers? But something was still missing.  A fellow writer and friend who could bring the prospective of a beginning martial artist to the table.  With that last piece added, the Attacking the Page blog was born.

Who exactly are the glamorous ladies of AtP? Let us introduce ourselves:

Melinda Leigh began writing when her youngest child entered first grade as a way to preserve her sanity and put to use the overactive imagination. She holds a Black Belt in Kenpo Karate and studies Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. She is also an instructor for the women’s self defense program Fight Like a Girl.

Kathy Fawcett is a shodan (1st grade black belt) in Isshinryu Karate and helps run her husband‘s dojo, the NJ Academy of Martial Arts, located in Lebanon, NJ. She is also a certified women’s self-defense instructor with the FLAG (Fight Like a Girl) Program. Kathy writes paranormal romances and loves kick butt heroes and heroines.

Rayna Vause finally stepped onto the mat, with a little encouragement from her friends, and has worked her way into a yellow belt. She has published a paranormal romantic suspense novel and has more stories that are currently looking for homes.

Collectively, we hope to bring you insights into the craft and business of writing, offer tips of self defense and personal safety, and perhaps a little fun and inspiration. We’ll be putting up new posts every Monday and a safety tip every Thursday.  So we hope you’ll stop by often. In the meantime, stay safe and happy writing!


Melinda, Kathy, and Rayna

29 responses to “Not Your Ordinary Blog

  1. Well I can vouch personally that you ladies can kick some major butt, both on the mat and in the pages of your novels! Good luck on this new venture.

  2. Interesting concept. As a brown belt in Tae Kwon Do, and a writer, I’m looking forward to your posts. Good luck, ladies!

  3. Kudos on a ‘different’ blog idea. I plan to visit–on both days!

  4. Hi Everyone,

    Thanks so much for stopping in. We’re really hope that people will enjoy what we have to offer here. Thanks for stopping in and saying hello. We’re open to suggestion on topics so if there is something specific you’d like us to post about don’t hesitate to ask.


  5. Christine Clemetson

    Congratulations on this new venture…so cool!!!

  6. Thank you Charity, Gwen and J. Hali for visiting our blog. I hope you’ll find Attacking The Page useful when writing great action scenes, but more importantly I hope you’ll come to learn more about your own personal safety.

  7. Thank you so much, Christine!

  8. Welcome Charity, Christine, J. Hali and Gwen.

    We’re very excited to share our mutual passion with the world on a regular basis.

  9. Kristin Gardner

    Ladies, this is a wonderful venture! Where I struggle the most is the action scenes. The never seem life-like. I can’t wait to see what else you post! Best of luck and I will be checking in weekly.

  10. Welcome Kristin. Thanks so much for stopping in. Hopefully we can offer a few hints and tips to help you bring those action scenes to life.


  11. Ladies,
    What a brilliant idea. Taking your exceptional workshop and expanding it to help others with self-defense and writing will be very helpful to all of us. Appreciate that you started this and look forward to your updates/posts.
    MJ Liming

  12. Hi –

    Your workshop was terrific at the LSWF meeting. Leveraging your skills into a blog is such a wonderful idea, not just for some self help but also for writers. I wish you the best.

    … Ruth

  13. Good luck, my friends! Great idea and if it’s anything like your workshop, I can’t wait to read what you have to offer.

  14. Very nice. Look forward to reading what you write.

  15. This idea is fabulous and if it turns out to be as dynamic as your workshop, watch out everyone, these ladies pack quite a wallop!

  16. Congrats ladies! What an awesome blog and wonderful way to share what you know so well with others. I look forward to checking back often.

    Cheers and job well done! ~~ Mary B 🙂

  17. Kathy thanks for telling me about this. I am not a writer but if any of my martial arts experience will help. Just let me know.

  18. Love the site and the posts!

    This is perfect timing for the research I’m doing.
    (Which is my way of forewarning you that I’m revising a manuscript that has a bit of martial arts in it (yes, the bit part is a tad on the understatement side of the tracks) and I may eventually (probably by the end of the week) become one of those people that you dread ever running into again.)


  19. Totally cool blog. I’m looking forward to the weekly safety tip. Good luck, ladies!

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